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DISCLAIMER:  This website is for entertainment purposes only.  Nothing in it should be considered true in any factual, legal, or existential sense  (we deal in the virtual, so we're not overly concerned with the trappings of corporeality).  If you're famous and you've stumbled across our website by "accident," we warn you that taking anything we say seriously will only make you feel insecure.  Relax, okay?  And don't bother suing us--we don't have any money.  Also, if you're a budding so-and-so with stars in your eyes looking to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, we can't tell you how to do it (and wouldn't even if we could).  Rather, we're concerned with the myths constitutive of and buttressed by Hollywood, not with training newbies how to claw their way to the top.  Sorry.
Welcome to the official website of The Hollywood List. What is The Hollywood List?  It's a book, but it's so much more than that.  It's a philosophy--even more than that, it's a viciously honest appraisal of the structure of Hollywood.  This website (and the book on which it is based) is here to give everyone a bird's-eye view of how the entertainment industry actually functions.  Most people have no idea how Hollywood REALLY operates.  We've decided to provide the public with a dishy tech manual on fame.  Read on if you dare, but leave your lawyer at home.
Let's just say there was a hypothetical A-List superstar by the name of Louise Blanford.  She's not the cream-of-the-crop talentwise, but she does everything:  she's a pop singer, an actress in film and on Broadway, and regularly shows up at Democratic Party fund-raisers (however, her true political interests are all List-related). Perhaps she's been famous for about twenty years, has some awards, and is wealthy beyond belief.  What might she think about? If she stored her diaries on a laptop with Internet access and someone hacked into it, what might a person find?  Click here and find out.
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